Expert of Blanket Loan, Real Estate Loans & Commercial Refinancing In Webster, TX

The Suitability of the Prodigy Commercial Lending 

We lend money depending on the value of the assets presented as security. If you have any business entity and you’re in need of finance to run it here is the place to obtain the loan. For those who want to buy or build their house or rentals, we also offer loans for them. We uphold a lot of fairness in our service. We work hand in hand with brokers, borrowers and real estate agents of the United States. 

In terms of decision making, we are more considerable in making it as fast as possible and accurately. Some of the financial problems are complicated that many customers end up being disappointed by many other banks. Here, we have professionals and experts that are able to solve those problems, taking short time possible and provide feedback to customers on time. We love our work like nothing else, we feel so happy attending our customers. 

The rates we give are non-comparable with the rest of the banks. Ours vary on some factors, like the type of property, for instance, rental, house, commercial, warehouse, land, office buildings, etc. the other factor includes the term of the loan ( short term or long term), the risk assessment and the financial position of the borrower. We take the less period to fund commonly less than ten days this happens after we have received the appraisal and reviewed. Loan issued to the borrowers on consideration of the security are of ½ to 1 ½ year but we prefer long term loans. 

To the team that we are working with them like brokers and real estate agents, we are very much jointly connected in delivering out service also we pay them well. They earn a good amount of money from us on referrals every month. We have limits of our loans, the lower is $80,000 and the upper is $5,000,000. Our loans are based on property we do not consider much of income.

How confident we are 

We are very much experienced on these matters because it is now 40 years down the line handling commercials and residential real estate. We do not have any hesitation in giving you a loan that will help you to fulfill your desires. 

The trending problem today in the market is the approval of the finance. Many borrowers are disgust over this issue. You do not have to worry, we have come up with, equity financing or hard money loans. These loans are easily approved and issued on time after appraisal. 

Hard money loans are very important since they can help in solving emergency problems. We provide you with short term loans that will last from one to three years. The interest rates will be based on the risk evaluation of each borrower.

If you need cash out make a point of contacting us. 

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