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 Why You Should Consider Prodigy Commercial Lending

Prodigy Commercial Lending is a premier private equity-based lender in the United States assisting with a variety of capital and business growth. We offer hard money loan solutions to real estate, commercial property, industrial acquisitions, and other public and private ventures. We are a simple and secure lending platform. We work with investors, real estate agents, and brokers within the United States.

Speed of Response

Prodigy Commercial Lending is a direct lender. It is a much faster pathway to funding compared to other real estate loans. We take the time to learn about your business and find the best financing solutions. Because we are a community bank, we make all our loan decisions locally. Our decisions are quick and we can decide on even the most complicated loans. We can handle borrowers with a lot of equity. We take care of borrowers whom other banks reject.

Flexible Interest Rates

Our rates vary according to the value of the property. The property may be apartments, land, warehouses, residential, commercial and office buildings, and buildings for special purposes. Other factors that determine our rates are the term of the loan, risk assessment, and the financial status of the borrower. While other hard money lenders give six-to-eighteen-month loans, we prefer longer loans. We fund our loans within seven to ten days of receiving and reviewing the appraisal.

Loan Eligibility

Our loans are easy and flexible. We base the loan eligibility on the value of the property and assets of the borrower. Prodigy Commercial Lending will have a one-on-one interaction with you. We will direct you every step as you make your payments. Our loans range from $ 80,000 to $ 5,000,000. We also have brokers and real estate agents whom we value. We pay them thousands in a monthly referral fee.

Many Years of Experience

Prodigy Commercial Lending has 40 years’ hands-on experience in financing commercial and residential real estate. With such a vast experience, we are confident we can offer you the financial boost you need.

The Answer is Equity Financing

The financing market today is rejecting many borrowers. Prodigy Commercial Lending is the place to go. Our loans are based on the equity within your home, instead of your credit-worthiness. We do not consider the debt-to-income ratio of the borrower. The process of acquiring a loan with us is pretty easy and smooth. The longest time you can take to receive your loan is about 10 days. 

Have you been turned down by other banks? There is no need to worry. We can help you acquire short-term loans that you can pay within one to three years. If you need fast cash for your business, give us a call at Prodigy Commercial Lending today!

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